Internal How to: Turn a Google Sheet into an Order Management Tool

In this tutorial video, we'll showcase how you can transform a simple order tracking spreadsheet into a fully custom business app / internal tool.


1) Connect a Google Sheet as a Data Source .

2) Create a new Space for your Tool.

3) (video tutorial begins here)

Add a Card List Component to display Orders "To Pack" - using data from your Google Sheet.

  • Configure Card List component
  • Add in-line Image component to display item being ordered

4) Add a table component to display Orders "To Ship".

  • Configure table columns and add a filter to show only "packed" Orders

5) Add another table component to display completed and canceled Orders.

  • Configure table columns, add pillbox display to "Status" and then add a filter to show the right Orders.

6) Add a button to move Orders from "To Pack" card list into "To Ship" table by editing the status.

7) Add two buttons to move Orders from "To Ship" to final table

  • Configure first button to complete the order
  • Configure second button to cancel the order

Get started now.

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