Internal & Microsoft: SQL Server and Azure Data Sources

For the many developers (developers, developers) building on top of Microsoft databases, I'm excited to announce that Internal now fully supports SQL Server as a data source. Whether you're running Azure SQL in the cloud or hosting it yourself, you can use Internal to browse, edit and create tools to work with your database's data.

This means your developers can speed through previously tedious, time-consuming tasks. Connecting SQL Server to Internal means you can:

  • Browse through table and record views of your data in automatically generated Spaces
  • Access enriched Super Records - Internal automatically detects foreign key relationships and adds related records where relevant
  • Visually build tools to match your company's workflows using components like tables, forms, images, buttons and charts
  • Create custom functions to bulk update records using conditions and criteria that you define
  • Define new custom resources (data views) using SQL

Interesting in trying it out for yourself? Get in touch and we'll set you up with a free account to see if Internal is right for your organization.

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