Introducing Internal’s All-in-One Platform

Over the past several years, we’ve empowered many companies to build powerful internal tools fast with little to no developer time. Throughout this journey, we also received a lot of great feedback from our customers –- and it became very clear that teams needed a more comprehensive platform that can cover a broader set of use cases. The most common use cases we heard were around automations, workflows, and task management.

A recent study conducted by Ground Control Research also revealed similar findings. IT and engineering teams are spending 40% of their time building internal tools and want an all-in-one solution that provides flexibility and cross-company collaboration. 

  • 91% say a platform that encompasses app building, workflow acceleration, and workflow automation would save their development teams time
  • 94% of IT and Engineering leaders want a more collaborative platform that would enable technical and non-technical users to build faster together

Today, we’re excited to announce Internal’s all-in-one platform. We wanted to create a platform where people can build many types of internal tools – including workflows, tasks, automations and custom internal apps – that also provides the power and ease for both technical and non-technical to build on a single platform. All of these features are available for our SaaS customers and they’ll be rolling out to our self-hosted customers soon.

Build powerful multi-step workflows

Pipeline Functions allows you to create powerful multi-step workflows in minutes. You can chain together a database query and API call with ease. Add conditional logic, loops, and execute Javascript at any step.

Automate across databases and APIs

Automations enable teams to run scheduled jobs and streamline repetitive tasks across databases and APIs. You can automate a database query, API call, or even a Pipeline Function.

Create a flexible task system

Queues is the most customizable task system for teams to get work done. Whether you’re looking to create an approval flow or an onboarding process, Queues enables you to customize every state and transition, trigger database queries and API calls at any step, and have oversight into the status of every task.

Design and build apps in a powerful workspace

Spaces is a powerful app builder for building tools on top of databases and APIs. It’s what started it all 🙂. We’ve made a number of improvements to Spaces including new components like Tabs and PDF Viewer to enable what your team needs.

In addition, we’ve added brand new import and export options to Spaces. Whether you want to transfer things between organizations or you want to configure deployments from staging to production, you can easily export your entire Space as a JSON file and import into new or existing Spaces. 

Manage development changes with source control management

Our Source Control Management feature allows engineering teams to manage and control changes to Spaces according to their existing development processes. Source Control Management enables you to connect your Internal Space to your GitHub repositories and manage development on Internal with Git. You can commit changes, pull changes from and push them to the repositories, and have complete control over your development process. 

Explore what you can build

We hope you enjoy all of the new capabilities on our platform. If you need ideas on where to get started, check out our Solutions page where you’ll find example apps built using Spaces, Automations, Queues, and more.

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