Introducing Queues, the most flexible task system for teams to manage, track, and get work done.

Introducing Queues

Today, we’re excited to announce the availability of Queues, the most flexible task system for teams to manage, track, and get work done.

Queues are fully customizable:

  • Define every field, state, transitions and action.
  • Automatically assign tasks to a user or a role.

Queues are deeply integrated with your backend systems:

  • Trigger database queries and API calls at any step of a workflow.
  • Create and update tasks via Internal's new REST API.

Queues are made for getting work done:

  • Add custom forms and buttons for teams to easily complete work.
  • Easily link it to a Space to create powerful internal tools that drive team productivity.

A popular internal tool

Over the last two years, we've seen many of our customers build custom task tools with Internal’s app builder — everything from approval systems, onboarding workflows, project management, and exception handling tools. This wasn't at all surprising since my co-founder and I had to build these systems at previous companies.

  • At Zenefits (where my co-founder ran the Payroll Engineering team and I ran Product Management) we built and maintained a massive task system called "Workqueues". This task system was used by the operations team daily to manage the entire process of getting users health insurance. 
  • At Harbor, a blockchain startup we previously founded, we built a task system for our compliance team to complete KYC checks on new users.

Most of the time, these types of workflows are deeply tied to a company’s backend systems – making them difficult to recreate with existing off-the-shelf task management tools. At Zenefits, for example, we tried using JIRA to track specific customer issues that required a developer to run a script. JIRA is great for tracking development work, but it wasn’t a scalable solution for managing this type of work. Eventually we built a system ourselves so tasks could be created automatically and completed with a click of a button. Of course, building from scratch is expensive and takes months of development work. Once built, development resources have to be allocated towards maintaining and upgrading the system as well. 

Today, many companies turn to no-code app builders to help them build custom task tools (as many of our customers have done). However, depending on the complexity of the workflow, it could still become a large project that requires custom backend development to achieve the desired outcome.

That’s why we built Queues – to deliver the most flexible task system for teams to manage, track, and complete work.

Get Started

You can create a Queue for almost any business process, but here are some example use cases to get you started:

  • Complex onboarding workflow for B2B customers
  • Content moderation queue for user flagged content.
  • Exceptions handling for a variety of use cases.
  • Flag and review suspicious transactions
  • Health insurance verification process.
  • Manual KYC review for new customers
  • Order fulfillment and delivery.
  • Project tracking.
  • Review tool for content changes proposed for your app.
  • Small business loan origination & underwriting.
  • Tax document preparation & filing.
  • Triaging tool for customer support issues.

Check out our documentation for more details and schedule a demo if you’d like to learn more. Happy building!

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