Major Product Update! Multi-function, Bulk Action, Snowflake, and more

We’re excited to share that we just launched several major features to help you build awesome internal tools. 

Multi-Function Support

You can now execute multiple functions with a single form or button. For example, you could have a single button update some fields in your database as well as a Salesforce record, and trigger an email via Mailchimp — all at once. Learn More.

Bulk Action

An upgrade to the Bulk Import component, the new Bulk Action component allows you to execute a function on all selected rows in a Table with a single button click, or by uploading a CSV file. Learn More.

Snowflake Integration

Connect Snowflake to Internal and build internal tools on top of any table. In addition to auto-generated functions, Internal supports creating custom functions for your SnowflakeDB. Learn More.

Tag Selector

The Tag Selector provides a user-friendly tagging experience for selecting multiple items stored as a comma-separated String or array of values (JSON). Learn More.


Add a Checkbox component to any Space and specify the text and default value. Learn More.

Radio Button

Add a Radio Button component to any Space and specify the values and defaults. Learn more.

Text Area

Add a Text Area to allow users to input a block of text. The Text Area can have optional default values. Learn More.

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