New! Custom Auth, MongoDB upgrades, and better support for binary data

We just launched custom Auth, MongoDB upgrades, and better support for binary data to improve your Internal experience!

Custom Auth Flow

Define a multi-step authentication process to support virtually any kind of API authentication. A step can be a Form, OAuth 2.0, Execute Function, or an Expression. Learn more.

MongoDB Upgrades

Create custom insert, update, and delete functions. In addition, you can now use dynamic parameters in aggregation pipelines. Learn more.

Binary Data Support

When Internal detects the presence of binary data, it will display the data as a base64 encoded string, automatically add a file uploader to a form or pop-up form component, and displays hashed binary data in the audit log.

In addition, when you’re creating an HTTP Function, you can now transmit raw bytes as the body of your HTTP request. Learn more.

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