Product Update: PDF Viewer, Embedding Internal, and Zapier Integration

Today, we’re excited to announce new tools and platform updates for developers on Internal that are designed to make building and using custom business apps seamless.

New Component: PDF Viewer

We added the PDF Viewer component so you can easily display PDFs within Spaces. With PDF Viewer, you can view PDFs from a public URL configured with cross-origin resource sharing (CORS), or from a signed URL. Whether your finance team is reviewing tax documents or your sales team needs contract approval from the legal department, PDF Viewer makes it simple for cross-functional teams to access PDFs. 

Embed Internal Where You Work 

If you have an internal application that’s already widely used by employees and you want to add the tools you’ve built in Internal to that application, you can now do so with Embedding Internal. You can continue leveraging the Internal platform to build customizable features for your team while centralizing your tools, without disrupting any workflows. Embedding Internal allows you to embed Spaces you've created on Internal into your web application using the Internal React SDK

Real-time Insights for Queues

After creating a custom workflow with Queues, you can get real-time insight on the efficiency of the workflow with Queues Analytics. Queues Analytics includes 2 sections: Current Activity and Past Activity. Current Activity is available to all Internal users and Past Activity is available as part of Internal's Enterprise plan. Access to Queues Analytics requires Admin level permissions by any user.  

Here’s what you can do with Queues Analytics:

  • Track status, time-to-close, and team workload
  • Share the dashboard so your team has full visibility on progress
  • Identify potential blockers across your workflows 

Power Automations with Internal on Zapier

In an effort to accelerate your workflow automations, we released a Zapier integration (in Beta) that enables you to execute a function when an action is triggered. Whether you're looking to automate user onboarding with Webflow or streamline transactions with Stripe, connect Internal with thousands of apps on Zapier to automate your work. Create a Zap and let us know what templates you’ve found to be helpful! 

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