Product Update: Pipeline Loops and New Components

This month, we shipped new features and components that we hope will be helpful for building internal tools including Pipeline Loops, Accordion, IFrame, Progress Bar, and JSON Render in Raw Mode and Pretty Mode. 

New Pipeline Action Type: Loops

Pipeline Functions allow you to automate complex, multi-step workflows across your databases and APIs. Each step in the Pipeline can execute a Function and run JavaScript or conditional logic. In this latest release, we've added a new Pipeline Action Type, called Loops.

Loops are useful for automating repetitive tasks with complex logic. They require data from the previous Pipeline Step to iterate through. This is helpful for use cases including automating inventory checks, customer notifications, and reporting metrics.  To try out Loops, create a Pipeline Function by opening the Function Editor in a Space, selecting Pipelines as your data source, and clicking the plus icon.

New Component: IFrame

The IFrame component allows you to embed a webpage into Spaces; Add a company resource portal to a Space and use the time saved from tab surfing for better things.

New Component: Accordion

The Accordion component is a type of menu that displays a list of headers with sections that are expandable and collapsible. Each section includes a Flexbox component so you can add any component you need and easily arrange them. You can also allow for multiple sections to be open at the same time or limit it to one section at a time. Keeping your Spaces legible and organized just got simpler.

New Component: Progress Bar

The Progress Bar component allows you to visualize your progress based on a percentage value. You can configure the progress bar to display based on values between 0 and 1. For example, 0.5 would display 50% completion. The progress bar also supports indeterminate mode which shows a cyclic animation without a specific amount of progress (see the bounving bar below). A progress bar can help visualize your data in any internal reports including sales revenue pipelines, operation costs, or product adoption goals. 

New Feature: JSON Render Raw Mode / Render Pretty Mode 

If your data source has JSON that you want to display in Raw Mode or Pretty Mode, you can now switch between the views within a Table or a Detail component. You can also use the JSON Viewer component to display JSON in raw mode by checking the box "Render in raw mode" in the right-hand Data configuration tab.

Additionally, in Raw Mode, each key:value pair has a copy function which allows the copying of the whole chain of children beneath the selected node as quick as clicking an icon (you can see them in the shape of blue clipboards in the GIF below).

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