Space cloning, custom visibility rules for forms, and chart axis grouping

New product updates for July 2022.

The image reads: New feature alert: Space cloning, Chart X-axis grouping, Visibility rules for forms

We’ve just released a batch of new features to make the Internal experience even smoother. It’s worth reiterating that in conjunction with our own development roadmap, we also leave space to build the features that our users request.

We take our user experience very seriously, from our security and privacy all the way to support and feedback. We’re here to serve our users, so if you’re an Internal customer, a sincere thank-you for being on board. (And if you’re not, you should be!)

On that note, we’re proud to announce our newest product features. Happy building!

Space cloning

TLDR: Spaces can now be duplicated from the Space Details sidebar in the Your Spaces view.

The "Your Spaces" view in the Internal app

As outlined in our previous update, the Space Details sidebar reveals details and available actions for the Space.

It used to have four actions, now it has five:

⚙️ - Admins and Space Editors: Edit the Space name, add an icon, adjust the icon color

♡  - Add the Space to your Favorites

🔗 - Copy the Space URL for easy sharing

📑 - New: Duplicate the Space

🗑 - Admins and Space Editors: Delete the Space

A screenshot of the Clone Space feature in Internal
The Clone Space button

Duplicating a space creates an exact clone of the original space. Once a space has been cloned, it can be separately edited as its own, new space.

Chart X-axis grouping

TLDR: Chart X-axes can now be grouped by multiple time parameters at once.

When customizing a chart from the Chart Details section within a space, users can now select combinations of time parameters. The chart will automatically update before the Space is saved or published.

In this chart, SpaceX launches are being grouped by day and month, and the chart updates accordingly. This feature works with line charts, pie charts, and bar graphs.

Visibility rules for forms

TLDR: Form input fields can now be shown and hidden via custom visibility rules.

While editing a form, users are now able to set custom visibility rules for each field to ensure that they show or hide based on predetermined conditions.

In this picture of the binding cascader, the field in question is set to show if the assignee_type value is “role,” as indicated below the Visibility Rules header on the right.

A screenshot of visibility rules for forms in Internal

This works on a per-field basis, so the same form can show entirely different fields depending the criteria you choose.

We’re trying to make Internal as flexible and powerful as possible so that our users can streamline their internal tools with less time investment than ever before. To that end, keep an eye out for future updates—we’ve got some serious game-changers coming down the pipeline. 😉

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