Maximize agent productivity with no-code customer support apps.

Build custom admin tools and workflows to empower customer support agents.
Do it yourself without lobbying for engineering time.
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Connect everything that’s core to your business. 

From databases and APIs to business apps, Internal works with your existing data. It unites everything in a single, powerful interface with built-in CRUD capabilities.

PostgreSQL database GUI and admin tools.MySQL database GUI and admin tools.Stripe integration for internal toolsMongoDB database GUI and admin tools.Zendesk integration for internal toolsGoogle Sheets integration for internal toolsGraphQL GUI and admin toolsREST API and HTTP Service integration for internal toolsIntercom integration for internal toolsHubSpot integration for internal toolsFirestore Firebase database GUI and admin toolsBigQuery database GUI and admin toolsCassandra database GUI and admin toolsAmazon S3 GUI and admin redshift database GUI and admin toolsSalesforce LogoMaria DB LogoDynamoDB database GUI and admin tools.

Build customer support apps without code.

Your customer support teams need a variety of tools to do their jobs — tools to look up customer data in the database, process orders, refund payments, reset passwords, and more. These tools are usually built in-house by your engineering teams.

Internal's powerful no-code app builder makes it easy for anyone to build tools, putting you in control while saving valuable engineering time.

"We've been using Internal and it's been saving us so much time by allowing us to build out internal customer support tools without engineering overhead."
Tina Roh, Co-founder & COO

Create customer support tools across your systems.

Internal is an app builder on top of your existing systems. Imagine building workflows and admin customer support tools that pull in data from all your systems.

You can connect business applications (like Zendesk, Salesforce, and Google Sheets), your company's databases (like PostgreSQL and SQL Server), and pretty much any API endpoint.

"Internal made it incredibly easy to connect multiple datasources, add buttons and create workflows. It’s been a big time saver."
Lilly Bondy, Agent Experience Manager
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Streamline customer support processes.

Build custom workflow apps to process tickets from Zendesk, Salesforce, or Hubspot. Triage tickets alongside useful data from your company's databases and kick off specific support workflows depending on ticket category.

Internal makes it simple to create powerful, custom tools to streamline any process. 

"Internal has been an incredible partner for us in building no code tools to streamline processes for our support team through periods of massive growth."
Quinton Ayers, Director of Product Support

One customer support interface for all your data.

Help customer service agents move faster by bringing together data from multiple business apps and databases in one place.

For example, you can combine Salesforce sales data, Zendesk ticket data, and customer data in your company's databases to build a master customer profile that gives agents much more context about a customer.

You can also create tools to update data across multiple systems easily, saving time. 

Keep customer data secure.

With Internal, your apps are equipped with enterprise-grade security features from the start.

Granular permissions
Establish access controls for each tier of support agents, tightly controlling who can view and update customer data.

Detailed Audit Logs
Monitor agent activity and keep track of potential breaches or internal access abuse.

SSO, 2FA, and auth providers
Require agents to use 2FA or SSO for an additional security.

Secure SaaS or self-hosted
Choose between our SOC 2 Type II certified cloud platform or host Internal within your own VPC.

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