Development glossary

This glossary is a dictionary of terminology most commonly used by low-code, no-code, and internal tools app developers.



API stands for Application Programming Interface and is a framework that allows software to communicate with outside services automatically and procedurally.

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Amazon Web Services is the world’s most broadly-adopted cloud platform and serves millions of customers.

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Button Component

A button is a clickable component that triggers an action. Buttons can be used to submit a form, navigate to a different page, and more.

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Card List Component

Card lists are a hybrid between a card component and a table, and provide better readability while allowing users to scroll through many records.

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Chart Component

A chart component is a visualization that connects to a data source, and uses functions or data to populate the chart.

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A component is a block of programming that combines with other components to form an application.

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Data Source

A data source is any database, system of record, or platform that collects and stores data.

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Date/Time Picker Component

A date/time picker is a component that allows a user to select a date and a time within an application.

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Dropdown Component

A dropdown component is a module that displays a data set when clicked on.

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Flexbox Component

In a user interface, a flexbox is a container that serves to group related components in a neat and orderly way.

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Form Component

A form component is a structured and styled modal that displays controls (fields) that users can interact with.

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A function is a module of organized, reusable code that completes a specific action.

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HTTP Data Source

An HTTP data source is when a database is connected and interacted with via an external server that makes HTTP requests.

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Radio Button Component

A radio button is a component that allows a user to choose one of a set of predetermined options.

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Table Component

A table is a method of organizing data, and is usually portrayed as rows and columns. Tables can be simple or multidimensional.

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