Amazon Web Services is the world’s most broadly-adopted cloud platform, serving millions of customers including large enterprises and government agencies.

AWS’s cloud computing allows users to store and access data on remote servers anywhere in the world, and supports a diverse range of online services like storage, websites, gaming, applications, and more.

Amazon Redshift

Amazon Redshift is AWS’s premier data warehousing cloud service. Redshift allows users to collect virtually limitless data to use to acquire new insights for businesses or customers. Redshift uses SQL-based tools and business intelligence applications to query and visualize collected data.

AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda is a compute service that runs code on compute infrastructure and performs administration of resources. Lambda allows users to run code virtually, as long as it is organized into Lambda functions.

Lambda is most often used by developers who only want to be responsible for their own code, but not data warehousing, memory, CPU, and other resources.

Building an application on Amazon Redshift

Connecting Internal to Redshift automatically populates your Space with ready-to-use components.

Internal components for Amazon Redshift
Internal components for Amazon Redshift

CRUD functions (List, Get, Update, Insert, and Delete) are automatically generated as well, so that users can build a CRUD app right out of the box.

Furthermore, users can create custom CRUD functions for Redshift using Internal’s Function Editor.

Building an application with AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda is also a viable data source for Internal, assuming you have created a Lambda function in AWS, and have an API gateway for the function. If so, the API gateway can be integrated with Cognito to call and invoke Lambda functions through Internal.

While this is not as robust as connecting to a Redshift data source outright, it will still allow your core functions—the ones you’ve created API gateways for—to be called directly from your Internal workspace.

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