Data Export

Enable CSV export on any Table component. This feature automatically applies any filters, sorting, and permissions on your table.

The CSV export will include all columns that the user has permissions to. This includes hidden columns. If you don't want a column to be included, go to the Table configuration settings and remove the field using "—".

Configuring data export on a table

Data export can be enabled on any table with a simple checkbox. Go to the table’s configuration settings and check the box “Allow this table to be exported as a CSV file.”

There is a general timeout of 30 seconds that applies to all queries. If your data export is too large, use filters to reduce the data that is returned.

Using Data Export

To use data export, go to a Table component and click on the menu to the right of the search bar.

CSV Encoding Logic

  • Commas (,) separate values
  • Newlines (\n) separate rows
  • Null values are encoded as empty
  • JSON field array and object values are encoded as JSON
  • All other values are encoded as the value itself

Note: Values are quoted only when necessary (ex: value itself contains a comma/newline/quote)


  • HTTP is limited by the max records that can be done in a single API call
  • SQL Databases are limited to ~5000