Creating an Internal App in Salesforce

In order to connect Internal to Salesforce, you need to first configure Salesforce and create an Internal app.

Set up permissions

Log into Salesforce with your account. Make sure this account has the following permissions:

  • Customize Application: This is needed to create a new app.
  • API Enabled: This allows API calls to be executed through this user account. Click here for more info.

Please contact your Salesforce administrator if you have any issues with the above.

Create an app for Internal

SFDC 1 - App Manager page highlights.png

In Salesforce, navigate to “App Manager” in the left navigation bar (under Platform Tools —> Apps —> App Manager. In the top-right, hit “New Connected App”.

SFDC 2 - New connected app.png
  • Connected App Name: We suggest including “Internal” in the name so you know what this app is for.
  • API Name: Identifier for your API (again, we suggest including “Internal”).
  • Contact Email: Use your company email here.

Configure OAuth Settings

Next, check the “Enable OAuth Settings” box. Then check “Enable for Device Flow”.

Finally, within Selected OAuth Scopes, go to the list of “Available Oauth Scopes” and find “Access and manage your data (api)” and hit the “Add” button to add this scope to your app. Then scroll down and save the app.

You’ll see a message from Salesforce saying that changes may take 2-10 minutes to take effect. Hit “Continue” and you’ll be brought to a page to manage the app you just created.

Get keys and token

On this new page, you’ll see a “Consumer Key” and “Consumer Secret” in the “API” section. You’ll need to provide both of these later to connect this app to Internal.

The last thing you’ll need is a security token. If you have a security token saved from previous integrations, use the same token (as this will prevent your existing integrations from breaking). If you do not have any previous integrations, you can “reset” your token, which will give you a new token to use.

If you’re not sure whether or not you should reset your token, please contact your Salesforce administrator for assistance.

Finish connecting Salesforce

Return to Internal with the Consumer Key, Consumer Secret, and Security Token to finish connecting to Salesforce.