Queues Analytics

After creating a custom workflow with Queues, you can get real-time insight on the efficiency of your workflow with Queues Analytics.

Accessing Queues Analytics

From a Queue, click on the bar graph icon on the top right corner to view the dashboard. Queues Analytics includes 2 sections: Current Activity and Past Activity. Current Activity is available to all Internal users and Past Activity is available as part of Internal's Enterprise plan. Access to Queues Analytics requires Admin level permissions by any user.

In Current Activity, you can view total open tasks per state, who the open tasks are assigned to, and a list of the top 5 oldest tasks. Under Past Activity, you can view total number of newly created tasks, total number of completed tasks, and average close time for a selected timeframe.

Date range for Past Activity includes up to the last 6 months.

You can also gain a better understanding of the progression of each task and how long tasks remain in a specific state. For example, if you have created a state in your queue named “Blocked,” you’re able to quickly identify all tasks that are blocked and who to reach out to for each task. If your goal is to improve the workflow velocity, you can proactively identify where the bottlenecks are and which tasks are not moving through to completion efficiently. 


Learn how to set up your Queue to get started. 

Need to upgrade your plan to access historical data in Queues Analytics? Learn more about Internal’s Enterprise plan.