Introduction to Spaces

Spaces are an area where you can create custom tools using components that interact with your data sources through specific functions

When you connect a data source, Internal automatically generates a Space for all the resources in that data source - see the docs on a specific data source for more details. These auto-generated Spaces provide a starting point for you to explore your data, create new data relationships, and make Tasks. You can also create a new Space for entirely custom tools of your design.

After you successfully connect a data source, you'll be asked which auto-generated Spaces you want to add to your left navigation.

You can always edit this later on ("Navigation" under the "Admin Controls" in the sidebar). Use the "Jump to..." link in the sidebar (command+K / ctrl+K shortcut) to navigate to any Space, including ones not linked in the left navigation.


These are the front-end (UI) elements that the user will see and interact with in a Space.  

Data sources

Most components will interact with a data source in some way (whether it's displaying the data or altering it). When configuring a component, you’ll select the data source (and corresponding function, when appropriate). 

  • Tables and Detail View will read and display data from particular resources within your data source.
  • Forms and buttons can use functions to edit data for particular resources within your data source.
  • JSON Viewer can return the results from a particular function within your data source.   


Functions are the mechanism by which you perform various actions on data. A function can read data, insert a record, update multiple records or call an API. When configuring a component, you’ll select the particular function you want that component to execute.