Auto-generated Spaces

Internal's auto-generated Spaces let you get up and running with useful tools immediately. You can explore your data in the table, create new tasks and even add more components to flesh out the Space even more.

Exploring Data

These Spaces start with a table component that displays the data for a given resource, allowing you to view, search, sort and filter through your data. Note that you cannot delete this primary table for an auto-generated Space (unlike a user-created Space).

Use the search box in the top-right to search or filter the data in the table. In the search box, start typing the field (column) name and hit enter to auto-complete. Then type in the search term and hit enter. Hit enter again to search, or repeat the first two steps to add more filters before you search.

To sort, simply click on the column header to sort by ascending/descending.

Clicking on the link in the primary key column of the table will bring you to a Super Record, giving you a deeper look into that record and related data.


If you'd like to trigger a Task using the data in this resource, click the "+Task" button at the top-right. Note that you cannot delete this button from an auto-generated Space.

Further Space Customization

Of course, you can always add more to an auto-generated Space to make it your own. Click on the settings wheel to customize your Space further. Check out Creating a Space to learn about adding more components and functionality to a Space. Note that you won't be able to rename an auto-generated Space.