Calculated Fields

Calculated Fields

Calculated fields are fields whose values come from performing an operation on existing values. They can be displayed within Detail components.

Configuring a Calculated Field

Name: Give this field a name for use within Internal.

Label: This is the name displayed to users for this field.


This is where you define how the calculated field is constructed. You can enter in any text strings here and use the "Insert a variable" link to pull in values from this component or other components. This will allow you to concatenate values together to create a new value for this calculated field.

Note: Support for other types of calculated fields (mathematical operations, etc) is on the way!

Example: If you have a "first_name" and "last_name" field in this detail component, you can create a new calculated field for the full name. Simply insert variables for the first name and last name in the template, with a space in between: 

${} ${}

You'll now have a new calculated field that will show the full name. In many cases, this is better to display than separate fields for first and last name; you can hide the first and last name fields and display the calculated field instead.