Creating and Publishing Spaces

Creating and Publishing Spaces

Click on “+ Create New Space” in the left navigation panel to get started.

Designing your space

When you first create a space, you should see an empty header section as well as several purple “+” icons on your canvas. First, add a header that lets users know what the space is for, like "Customer Lookup" or "Inventory List". 

The purple “+” icons indicate the places on your canvas where you can add components. In the main area of your canvas, you can add any of the following components:

In the top-right, you can add any of the following components:

  • In the main canvas area (for tables, etc), you can place up to 3 columns of components. There is no limit on the number of rows of components, although only 2 rows will be visible without scrolling.
  • In the top of your space, you can have up to 5 filter components and 5 button, pop-up forms or S3 uploader components.
  • You can rearrange components by hovering over them and clicking the “✛” cross icon to drag and drop the component into another component’s position. Hovering over an existing component also lets you edit that component by clicking on the settings wheel, or delete that component by clicking on the trash icon.

Saving as draft

If you’re not ready to publish your space, you can always save it as a draft. (If you haven’t done so already, make sure to name your Space first. This can be done from the top navigation bar.)

Internal will let you know when you have unsaved changes with an indicator at the top-left of the page. Hover over it to reveal a “Save” button.

Note: If you see an error indicating that changes could not be saved, you are likely missing a header, Space name, or there is an issue with a component’s configuration. You will need to resolve these issues before saving.

Publishing your Space

When you’re ready to publish your Space (making it available to your users), click on the Publish button on the top left. 

Make sure the “Default” environment is selected, and click Publish. This action will first save your draft and then publish it. 

Any unpublished drafts can be accessed from the bottom of your left navigation panel - click on “Unpublished Spaces” to view.