Creating a Space

To create a new Space, click on the “+ Create New Space” in the left navigation panel. 

You’ll see a new blank Space where you can name your space and start adding components. 


The name you input here will be displayed to Internal users in the Spaces section of the left navigation panel. It will also be displayed at the top of the Space. It’s recommended to use a descriptive name so users can quickly grasp the function of each space. 

Ex: “Refund Tool” for a Space intended for users to execute refunds or “Inventory Mapping” for a Space where users process and map inventory data.

Adding components

Clicking on the purple “+” icon will allow you to add different types of components to this space. 

In the main area in the center, you can add different types of components:

In the top-right, you can add different types of components to the top of your space:

Multiple components

Spaces are powerful because of the ways you can create interactions between multiple components to create tools that work the way you want. A table component can display different results once a user selects a row in a different table or enters text into a filter component. Forms and buttons can take inputs from table components and filter components. You can utilize just about any combination of components and interactions to create your tools. 

Once you add a component, more “+” icons will appear alongside that component, allowing you to add other components to the side or below.

Spaces layout notes:

  • In the main area (for tables, forms and JSON viewer), you can have up to 3 columns of components. There is no limit on the number of rows of components, although only 2 rows will be visible without scrolling. 
  • In the top of your space, you can have up to 5 filter components and 5 buttons (either button or pop-up form components). 
  • You can rearrange components by hovering over them and clicking the “✛” cross icon to drag and drop the component into another component’s position. Hovering over an existing component also lets you edit that component by clicking on the settings wheel, or delete that component by clicking on the trash icon. 

Saving your Space

Once you’re done adding and configuring components, click “Save” at the top to finalize your Space. It’s now ready for other Internal users to use (as long as they have permission).