Getting Started
Super Records

Creating a Task

To create a Task, go to the auto-generated Space with the data you want to use. This would be the table whose data is used to trigger the Task (e.g. If you want to trigger a task based on changes in your “Customers” table, navigate to that table). Click on “+Task” in the top-right. 

create a task.png

Title: A short name for this Task. 

Description: Provide any instructions for this task that the assignee may need. 

Assign to: You can assign tasks to either a specific user or a role. 

When: You can set a task to be triggered whenever a new record is created or when an existing record is updated.

Rules: Rules help you further define the triggering event for this Task. 

Click “+Add Rule” to add your first rule. Select the attribute (datafield) you want to base the trigger on. Then choose the operator you want to use to compare the values, and then finally specify the value in the rightmost field. Example rules:

  • Battery level (attribute) is less than (operator) “0.20” (value)
  • Status (attribute) is equal to (operator) “VIP” (value)
editing rules.png

For a given task, you can add more than one rule. Tasks will only trigger if all rule conditions for that task are fulfilled (multiple rules are treated with AND operators, not OR). You can remove a rule by clicking on the “X” to the right of the rule.


Hit “Save” once you’re done.

Viewing and editing Tasks

To view and edit existing tasks, go to the desired table. Click on “+Task” at the top-right, and then choose the “Existing tasks” tab. Note that only admins can edit Tasks in this way.

You’ll see a list of Tasks that have already been created for this resource. You can expand a task to view its full details, and click “Edit” on the bottom-right to edit a Task.

existing tasks.png