Google Sheets

Resources generated: A resource is generated for each “sheet” within a Google Sheets workbook. 

Functions generated: insert, update, delete

How to connect

Sign into the Google account with the sheets you want to connect and give Internal permissions to access your sheets. 

You’ll see a list of workbooks in the account (sorted by most recently viewed). Select the one you wish to connect.

Notes on Editing Data

If you are writing back to a Google Sheet from Internal, we recommend only allowing editing, sorting, and creating new records from Internal. Internal uses the row number to identify the record to be updated. As a result, if someone edits, sorts, or adds data directly to a Google Sheet while another user is trying to edit the same Sheet from Internal, there could be unintended changes made to your data.

Notes on Reading Data

In order for Internal to properly read your Google sheet, please make sure that:

  • The top row of the sheet (header) contains the column names and is fully filled out (every column with a value in it has a column name in the first row). 
  • All column names in the header are unique (no duplicates).