In order to connect to your existing API endpoints (custom functions), read data from HTTP (custom resources), or use graphQL mutations as functions, you’ll first need to add your HTTP server as an Internal data source.

How to connect

Name: Give this HTTP data source a name.

Host: Enter in the domain for the server. Ex:

Port: Enter in the port to connect to; defaults to 443.

HTTP Basic Authentication: (Optional) Include a user and password for Basic access authentication when making requests to this HTTP server. We will send these credentials to the server if either user or password are filled in (to accommodate for some APIs that may only require a user).

Headers: Provide any key-value pairs that you wish to pass along in the header. These are passed along whenever any function in this data source is used. Note: All users with the “Admin” role will be able to see headers, including the value.


HTTPS: Endpoint urls must be secure, we will validate the connection to your server is secure before sending any data. 

Signatures: Write data is signed using a shared secret, you should verify the signature in the X-Internal-Signature header before accepting a write to ensure that the request came from us.

IP Addresses 

The following IPs will be used to send writes to your endpoint: