Getting Started
Self Hosted


Connecting to Hubspot allows you to pull in and manipulate your marketing, CRM, and service data like you would a database. This means you can:

  1. Pull in ticket information from service data and serve it up alongside user information from your databases
  2. Create a comprehensive view of a customer by pulling in deal data and contacts from sales data, and combine it with engagement metrics from your databases

How to connect

  • Name: Identifier for this data source in Internal.
  • Hubspot API Key: Enter in the API key from Hubspot.

What happens when you connect

Internal reads from your Hubspot data and automatically generates:

  1. A list function for the following Hubspot datasets: Companies, Contacts, Contacts Deals, Contacts Tickets, Deals, Deals Tickets, Line Items, Products, Quotes, Tickets. List functions read data from your data source and allow you to display that data in components - think of these as prebuilt SQL queries, so you don't have to write queries for everything.
  2. An insert, update, and delete function for each dataset. These functions will allow you to manipulate the data.
Note: Some datasets may be empty, depending on whether you use Hubspot for marketing, sales, or customer service. In those cases, Internal will not generate a resource where no data exists.