Getting Started
Super Records

Introduction to Tasks

Tasks help you connect your real-world business operations to the data within your databases. You can create a task to be triggered whenever a change in your data occurs, and assign those tasks to be completed by a specific role in Internal. Some examples of Tasks:

  • Whenever a new record is created within your “Leads” table, assign a task to “Schedule a demo” to be completed by the “Sales” role. 
  • Whenever the battery level of a scooter tracked in your Scooter table drops below 20%, assign a task to “Pick up and recharge” to be completed by John Doe. 
  • Whenever a customer’s status is changed to VIP in your “Customers” table, assign a task to “Send VIP welcome email” to be completed by the “Marketing” role. 

You can set up a Task to help you accomplish just about anything. They’re a great way to keep your operations on track and ensure that nothing is missed. Only admins can create and edit tasks, but any Internal user can be assigned and complete tasks. 

Note: Tasks require a valid “updated at” column in the table in order to function. Currently PostgreSQL, MySQL, and Google Sheets data sources can support Tasks.