Getting Started
Super Records

Operating with Tasks

Every user has access to a “Tasks” section in their left navigation panel. Here, they can view any tasks that they have been assigned. 

At the top, there is a tab for tasks that a user has been assigned directly (“My Tasks”) and a tab for tasks that have been assigned to the role that the user belongs to. 

tasks my queue.png


My Tasks

“My Tasks” will display remaining Tasks that have not yet been completed (“To-Do” section) as well as completed Tasks (“Completed” section). Whenever a Task is triggered, if it is directly assigned to a user it will appear in the “To Do” section of that user’s “My Tasks” list. A user can click into a Task to view its details. 

tasks detail view.png


Within the details view, a user can view the description of the Task, as well as the details of the record associated with the Task. The user can also quickly access any Tools for this resource that may help them complete the Task, and view the details of any related records. Once they’re done with the Task, they can hit “Mark Completed”. They can also choose to re-assign the Task to another user or role by clicking on the “Assigned to:” text and selecting another user or role.


Role Tasks

Tasks Team Queue.png



The tab for tasks assigned to a user’s role works much like “My Tasks”. One key difference is that Tasks are grouped by the Task name, and individual “To-Do” and “Completed” lists are shown for each Task. 


In addition, since these Tasks are assigned to a role rather than an individual, Tasks must be “Claimed” by a given user before they can be “Marked Completed”. Once a Task is claimed by a user, it will appear in their personal “My Tasks” list and can be “Marked Completed” by that user. Both claimed and unclaimed Tasks remain in the Task list for a role until those Tasks are completed. This provides visibility into Tasks that may be claimed but not acted upon by a user, and allows other users in that role to re-claim that Task and complete it.