Resources generated: Accounts, Assets, Brand Templates, Calendars, Campaigns, Cases, Contacts, Contracts, Email Messages, Events, Leads, List Emails, Opportunities, Orders, Organizations, Profiles, Tasks, Users, User Roles. (This is not the complete list: only the most relevant resources).  

Functions generated: insert, update, delete

How to connect

In order to connect Internal to Salesforce, you need to first configure Salesforce and create an Internal app

Display Name: Give your data source a name for use within Internal. 

Salesforce Username: Username of the Salesforce account used earlier (with API Enabled permission).

Salesforce Password: Password of the above Salesforce account.

Salesforce Consumer Key: Enter in the Consumer Key from your app.

Salesforce Consumer Secret: Enter in the Consumer Secret from your app.

Salesforce Security Token: Enter in the Security Token you received in your email.