Only users with the Admin role will be able to access the admin controls, including the Company Settings, Invite functionality, and Navigation controls.

On the “Users” tab, you’ll see a list of users with access to Internal. 

Assign roles

Use the checkboxes to select the user(s) you wish to assign roles to, and use the “Assign Role” dropdown to choose the desired role. You must have at least one user in an Admin role. 


Enter the email addresses of the team members you want to invite to Internal. You can use the dropdown to the right of the e-mail address to assign the user a role. Only users with a checked checkbox will receive an invite. 

User details

Clicking on a user will bring up the User Details view, where you can view email, roles and status. 

This will also allow you to view an activity log that displays a history of what the user has viewed and changed in Internal. This activity log can help you meet compliance requirements. For example, HIPAA mandates that health care providers document anyone who even looks at protected health information (PHI). 

You can use the dropdown to filter the activity log to specific Spaces, resources, or functions. This will allow you to see all of the user’s views and interactions with that specific element.