Drastically reduce developer time spent on internal tools. 

Internal simplifies UI development of your internal tools, making it easy for anyone to build the frontend fast. That means engineering teams can build end to end — or just focus on connecting services. Other teams like product management and operations can build the rest. Either way, you’re in full control of the data with out of the box permissions, audit logs, and more. 

Connect everything that’s core to your business. 

From databases and APIs to business apps, Internal works with your existing data. It unites everything in a single, powerful interface with built-in CRUD capabilities.

PostgreSQL database GUI and admin tools.MySQL database GUI and admin tools.Stripe integration for internal toolsMongoDB database GUI and admin tools.Zendesk integration for internal toolsGoogle Sheets integration for internal toolsGraphQL GUI and admin toolsREST API and HTTP Service integration for internal toolsIntercom integration for internal toolsHubSpot integration for internal toolsFirestore Firebase database GUI and admin toolsBigQuery database GUI and admin toolsCassandra database GUI and admin toolsAmazon S3 GUI and admin tools.amazon redshift database GUI and admin toolsSalesforce LogoMaria DB LogoDynamoDB database GUI and admin tools.

Developer tools to build what you want. Hand off the rest. 

Robust developer tools make it simple to connect and define your databases and APIs. Once set up, anyone can use Internal's app builder to build the UI. It's easy to hand off internal tools work to someone like a product manager or an operations manager — so you don’t have to be on the hook to do everything yourself.

Future-proof your internal apps.

With Internal, you’re never limited by what comes out of the box. Developer tools let you connect any API, write some Javascript or SQL, and create the exact apps you need now and in the future.  Create functions to build a reusable data layer and write transformers to manipulate your data.

HTTP Function
SQL Function

Design fast with out-of-the-box building blocks.

Whether it's you or someone else building the UI, Internal comes equipped with powerful components that take seconds to configure, auto-generated functions that save you time from writing every query, and ultra fast configurations to add business logic and functionality to your internal tools.

Enterprise-level security and controls for developers.

Internal gives you all the enterprise-level controls you need, out of the box — so you don't have to build it yourself.

  • Field level access controls: Define the role based permissions you want, down to the attribute and parameter level. Internal then automatically applies those permissions across every app you build.
  • Audit Logs: A  complete audit log tracks all views and edits to your data — by app, query, API call, or user.  
  • 2FA and SSO: Internal comes with out-of-the-box support for 2FA and various SSO providers including Google OAuth, Okta Open ID, generic SAML 2.0. 
  • Authorization Providers: Set up basic auth, OAuth, or custom authorization flows to control access to your APIs.
  • Environments: Set up multiple environments including staging and production to develop and test your tools. 
  • Version History:  Track version history and revert back to older versions of your internal tools at any time.  

Discover how teams use Internal.

From customer onboarding and customer service to data processing and on-demand operations, learn how Internal helps teams do their jobs better.

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