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Week of 8/12/22

1) Bug Fix: Dashboard was often reloading itself when a Space card was clicked lower down in the list.

2) Bug fix: Tables: Column headers wouldn’t immediately reflect changes to label.

3) Bug fix: Flattened input in JSEval caused timeouts for the evaluation.

4) Bug fix: Template editor in Spaces wasn’t displaying the Binding Cascader correctly.

5) Bug fix: Salesforce “unknown” type alert now more descriptive.

6) Bug fix: Session timeout wasn’t timing out due to polling for API changes.

7) Bug fix: Deactivated users were able to use reset password to begin the signup flow for the instance from which they had been deactivated. (Hotfixed 08-10-22)

8) A reload banner now shows when the version of the site’s backend has changed. It includes a “reload” link and a text explanation.

9) Component names now show in the body of the editor panel to allow easy understanding of which component is being configured.

10) Visibility rules now allow for JS Evaluation

Week of 08/05/22

1) Bug fix: Validation rules were only working in the config panel. They are now global for Spaces.

2) Bug fix: Function editor: If no environment is selected, select the current environment if it is supported, otherwise falling back to the default environment.

3) Bug fix: Timestamps were not converting correctly if type was undefined.

4) Bug fix: Credential Errors in Google Sheets Connections now have a “Permission Denied” error message in the UI

5) Bug fix: Pop-up Form Modal no longer dismissed by clicking outside of it; Must be dismissed by clicking “cancel”, “submit”, “X”, or by typing the “esc” key.

6) Bug fix: Binding Cascader was rendering in a scroll instead of expanding to the left.

7) Component name now shows in the righthand configuration panel.

8) Warning Banner will now show when API changes have been made and deployed and user hasn’t refreshed browser since the deployment.

Week of 7/29/22

1) Function Editor Auth Tab

2) Text Components now have “Typography” section which allows for center, right, left alignments

3) Function selector dropdown now has hover state that shows title of function to help reading longer titles

4) Bug fix: checkboxes were being reset to an empty state instead of default value at page load

Week of 7/21/22

1) Inline JSEval Mode added to function editor, as well as authorization flow token inputs and HTTP headers

2) Users can now log in via their auth provider in Function Editor. This will allow a function which requires authorization to be previewed in the Function Editor.

3) Environment switcher is now hidden when Function Editor is accessed via Spaces

4) "Publish" button modal in Spaces now has a Select/Deselect All Button

Week 7/15/22

1) Spaces are now auto-favorited for their creator

2) Admins auto-navigate to “All Spaces” when they have no favorites

3) Users can log in/out of all Auth from a single page in Company Settings

4) Users can still access settings when met with account upgrade dialog

5) Tables in Spaces can now optionally hide the search bar or the entire header of the component via configuration in edit mode

Week of 7/8/22

1) Users can now log in and out of authorizations on a per-environment basis from the "Authorization" page

2) Errors in Bulk Action component now show in the "Review" page of the flow in a column labeled "Error"

3) Fixed a bug where stale component parameters would cause an error if those same parameters were no longer a part of their parent function

4) Form input fields now have customizable labels which default to the column name from the data source

Week of 7/1/22

1) Stat components can now configure function parameters

2) Pricing tiers and new tier-based feature restrictions introduced along with UI to help end users navigate the changes

3) Users can now clone Spaces from the Spaces Dashboard

Week of 06/03/22

1) No user-facing changes released

Week of 05/20/22

1) Bug fixes: Styling problems in Dashboard

2) Bug fixes: Environment Switcher expansion issue and styling issues

3) Bug fix: File Objects now able to have `null` value and successfully transmit to data source

Week of 05/13/22

1) Bug fixes for visual issues in Dashboard

2) Visual updates to Bulk Update component

3) The environment selector can be used as a search field to search for environments by name; pagination has also been added in the event that a given Internal instance has a great deal of environments

Week of 05/06/22

1) Bug fix for GraphQL queries requiring `NotNull` values

2) Fixed a bug that would very occasionally populate table columns with incorrect data

3) Fixed a bug where the Settings pages were using the old left-nav (#automationFind)

4) Bulk update CSV column matching no longer case sensitive

Week of 04/29/22

1) Bulk Action CSV Mapping Modal now has full-width dropdown per column

2) Bug fix where MySQL timezones were sending incomplete information to Connector

3) Bug fix for Stat components

Week of 04/15/22

1) A new UI and UX called Dashboard with which users can navigate their Internal instances

2) Body-type now taken into account when introducing a metadata transformer to a function in the function editor; Will throw errors on format mismatch

3) Bulk Update will validate header/column count match in CSVs to avoid server-side errors; Will throw error in UI on mismatch

4) Space-level permissions added via Space configuration in Dashboard; Admin-only configuration. Affects visible to all user roles

5) UPDATE functions in SQL-based data sources will no longer be created if the target table has no non-primary keys as fields. These would fail if the user attempted to use them

6) Security updates

Week of 04/08/22

1) Bug fix for nested flexboxes being unable to communicate with the API beyond the a certain level of recursion. We recommend 5 or 6.

Week of 04/01/22

  1. Aria-autocomplete removed from Table search field; Built-in autocomplete still remains.

Week of 3/25/22

1) Space admins can now delete Spaces.

Week of 3/18/22

1) Nothing user-facing was released.

Week of 03/04/22

No user-facing changes released this week.

Week of 02/25/22

1) Change to the way users and admins are declared in GraphQL

2) Bug fix for issue with lefthand nav where rail background color disappears

Week of 2/18/22

1) Bug fix for new, non-admin users not seeing any Spaces pre-populated in the lefthand navigation panel

2) `sslmode` removed for MongoDB; `tls` and `tlsinsecure` connection strings added in its stead

Week of 02/11/22

1) Fixed memory leak in HTTP adapter

2) Updates to spaces to allow for future permissions scheme

3) New data binding option for Tag Selector component output

4) Filters that are bound to a custom field can now be removed

Week of 02/04/22


1) Changes to the way that filtering works in the UI for Tables

Bug fixes:

1) Component names were not being rendered with human-friendly names

2) Users were being logged out of their sessions early

3) Chart component was crashing when the underlying function was changed

4) Table filter autocomplete was not working for certain cases

Week of 01/28/22

Bug fixes:

1) Button arbitrarily resizing during configuration

2) Maximum update depth exceeded - Simplify setting table row data to space state

3) Cannot save changes to a default space

4) Setting a json attribute to format as a datetime crashes

5) Component names showing name of React component and not human-friendly names

6) Occasionally crashing on creation of new spaces

Week of 01/21/22

1) Bug fixes and stabilization efforts

2) Support for specifying trusted server root certificates

Week of 01/14/22

1) Bug fixes and stabilization efforts

Week of 01/07/22

1) Added support for Amazon Redshift as a data source

2) Effects for submittable components upgraded with new custom success and failure messages, and updated UI/UX for component refresh options.

Week of 12/12/21

1) JavaScript support in the app builder template fields

2) Various bug fixes

Week of 12/5/21

1) Various bug fixes

Week of 11/28/21

1) SQL query results now support transformers, allowing you to manipulate the data returned in the format you desire.

2) New feedback message now displays for fields that are redacted due to the end user not having permissions to view that data.

3) Custom SQL queries can now return a single object, in addition to returning arrays.

4) Autocomplete is now disabled when adding a new data source (or configuring an existing one).

Week of 11/14/21

1) Bug fixes & performance improvements

Week of 11/7/21

1) New "Function" Component added: This non-visible component allows you to pipe data into a space and be used to populate other components via binding.

2) Support for Azure Active Directory SSO login flows

3) Bug fixes & performance improvements

Week of 10/31/21

1) Bug fixes for:

  • CSV Download issues
  • Component resizing

2) Performance improvements

Week of 10/31/2021 (Special release 11/2)

1) Added support for Snowflake authorization.

2) Bug fixes and performance improvements.

3) Input parameters transfer to new location when component is moved.

Week of 10/24/21

1) You can now drag and drop existing components into and out of flexboxes

2) Components can be re-arranged within a flexbox using drag and drop

2) Bug fixes and performance improvements

Week of 10/17/21

1) New code editor (CodeMirror) implemented in function editor and other locations
2) Users no longer have to reauthorize after navigating to another space or a different browser tab if a space is protected by OAuth;
3) Bug fixes and perf improvements;

Week of 10/10/21

1)  Bug fixes and stability improvements.

2) Updated the OAuth flow to better handle refresh tokens

3) OAuth authorization refresh on Space load

4) BigQuery tables now set to MAX 1000

Week of 10/3/21

1)  Bug fixes and stability improvements.

Week of 9/26/21

1)  Bug fixes and stability improvements.

Week of 9/19/21

1) Added support for Airtable as a data source.

2) The search/filter input within a table component now supports additional operators (!=, <, <=, >, >=, contains, in, not in).

3) Added support for URL encoded forms.

4) Bug fixes and stability improvements.

Week of 9/12/21

1) Refactor for performance

2) Bug fixes

Week of 9/5/21

1) Improved blank value handling - you can now "ignore" blank values - these will no longer be passed as part of the request. Using this option also allows you to create forms with optional fields.

2) Various bug fixes and stability improvements

Week of 8/29/21

1) Various bug fixes and stability improvements

Week of 8/22/21

1) New Auth tab within the function editor allows you to set authorization flows per function per environment.

2) Custom auth flows now seamlessly handle access tokens that are generated by a refresh tokens. Once credentials expire, the authorization flow will rewind itself to the last known state and regenerate access tokens.

3) Various bug fixes

Week of 8/15/21

1) Improved SSH connections

2) Connect to Cassandra via SSH

3) Ability to edit a function from the Custom Auth Provider creation flow

4) Various bug fixes

Week of 8/8/21

1) Layout upgrades including ability to change position and width %/pixels of child components

2) Various bug fixes

Week of 7/25/21

1) New effects for Table Component that allows you auto select the first row on load, or maintain a selection on reload.

2) Various bug fixes

Week of 7/18/21

1) Support for multi-part file upload

2) "Require a filter to be set before loading data” is now an option for all components that support filters.

3) Ability to refresh stat, chart and images upon button or form submission.

4) Various bug fixes

Week of 7/11/21

1) Various bug fixes

Week of 7/4/21

1) Granular components in forms

2) Ability to download file from link.

3) Varous bug fixes

Week of 6/27/21

1) Various bug fixes

Week of 6/20/21

1) Support for SQL Stored Procedures

2) Support for SQL Raw Queries for Insert, Update, and Deleting

3)  Click to Edit for Text component

4) Various bug fixes

Week of 6/13/21

1) Typography support for Text component

2) Binding updates including ability to bind Detail component to a Table's row

3) Various bug fixes

Week of 6/6/21

1) Ability to bind to role

2) Reset sub components to defaults when parent component is refreshed

3) Ability to set to date/time of submission for string fields

4) Various bug fixes

Week of 5/30/21

1) File picker component

2) Ability to specify a function is usable for forms and buttons

3) Various bug fixes

Week of 5/23/21

1) Various Bug Fixes

Week of 5/16/21

1) Date and Time Picker

2) Various Bug Fixes

Week of 5/9/21

1) Multi-function support

2) Tag component

3) Bulk action component

4) Snowflake integration

5) Various bug fixes

Week of 5/2/21

1) Various bug fixes

Week of 4/25/21

1) New input components including radio buttons, checkboxes, and text area.

2) Various bug fixes

Week or 4/18/21

1) Improved single line editor for HTTP and SQL functions

2) Various bug fixes

Week of 4/11/21

1) Various bug fixes

Week of 4/4/21

  • SQL parameter support for custom SQL functions
  • Ability to select multiple rows in a table and bind data to a single JSON field
  • Various bug fixes

Week of 3/28/21

1) Flex Box Component

2) Stat Component

3) Various Bug Fixes

Week of 3/21/21

1) SSO with SAML 2.0

2) Bulk delete functions

3) Various bug fixes

Week of 3/14/21

1) Version History and Revert

2) Ability to bind to environment name and slug

3) Ability to bind arrays and objects to JSON fields in forms

4) Base64 fields can be configured to download a file on click

5) Better handling for syntax errors in the Function Editor

6) Various bug fixes

Week of 3/7/21

1) Various bug fixes

Week of 2/28/21

1) Function-backed dropdown support for Forms.

2) Data export for tables.

3) Binding upgrades.

4) Various bug fixes.

Week of 2/21/21

1) MongoDB Upgrades

  • Ability to use dynamic parameters in aggregation pipelines
  • Ability to create custom Insert, Update, and Delete functons

2) Dropdown Component

  • Ability to add a dropdown component to a Space
  • Dropdown component can take specific dropdown values or generate dropdown values using a function.

3) Custom Auth Flows

  • Ability to create custom auth flows from the UI

4) Binary Field Support

  • Ability to transmit raw bytes as the body of your HTTP request (HTTP Function)
  • Better support for binary fields in PostgreSQL

5) File Support

  • A file uploader will automatically appear in forms and pop-up form components if a binary input fields is detected (Supported for HTTP datasources, PostgreSQL (bytea), and MySQL (blob, longblob, mediumblob, tinyblob).

6) Various bug fixes

Week of 2/14/21

1) Sync improvements - ability to sync larger data sources

2) Various bug fixes

Week of 2/7/21

1) Ability to bind the output of a form or button to a detail or table component

2) Variable support for the Input component

3) Improved handling for images that should not have their src (url) url encoded

4) Ability to display a variety of field types as dates

5) Various bug fixes

Week of 1/31/21

1) New button configurations including colors, icons, and shapes

2) Ability to add multiple filters on the same attribute.

3) Various bug fixes

Week of 1/24/21

1) Various bug fixes

Week of 1/17/21

1) Support for Parameters when configuring Table, Detail, and Card List Components.

2) Support for adding environments for Firestore and BigQuery.

3) Various bug fixes

Week of 1/10/21

1) Various bug fixes

Week of 1/4/21

1) New Function Editor

2) Auth providers

3) Various bug fixes

Week of 12/27/20

1) Various bug fixes

Week of 12/20/20

1) Various bug fixes

Week of 12/13/20

1) New environments feature

2) Various bug fixes

Week of 12/6/20

1) New configuration experience

  • Brand new configuration experience that shows settings for components on the right side of the screen.

2) Updated navigation for edit mode

3) Auto-generated spaces can now be deleted

Week of 11/29/20

1) Option to switch to Flexible Layout

  • Existing customers can go to a Space and choose to switch to Flexible Layout

2) Various bug fixes

Week of 11/15/20

1) Various bug fixes

Week of 11/8/20

1) Various bug fixes

Week of 11/1/20

1) Flexible layout for newly created Spaces

2) Various bug fixes

Week of 10/25/20

1) Bulk Import Component

  • Upload a CSV/TSV
  • Bulk Insert, Update, Delete, etc. using Functions

2) Various bug fixes

Week or 10/18/20

1) Various bug fixes

Week of 10/ 11/20

1) Updates to Dynamic Button component

  • The last execution result of the currently active button of a dynamic button can now be bound to a JSON Viewer component

2) Various bug fixes

Week of 10/4/20

1) New permissions for editing a space

  • Give specific roles access to create and edit Spaces.

2) Various bug fixes

Week of 9/27/20

1) Deactivate/Delete Users

  • Ability for admins to deactivate, activate, or delete user accounts.

2) Various bug fixes

Week of 9/20/20

1) New publish feature

  • Save draft Spaces.
  • Publish draft when ready.
  • New top navigation bar.
  • Save a Space name that is separate from the header.
  • Access unpublished drafts from the new Unpublished Spaces modal

2) Various bug fixes

Week of 9/14/20

1) Performance improvements

  • Faster loading times

2) Updated GraphQL datasource

  • GraphQL datasource now utilizes the same setup process as HTTP.

3) Various bug fixes

Week of 9/7/20

1) Various bug fixes

Week of 8/31/20

1) Increased number of table rows in a page from 10 to 50.

2) Various bug fixes

Week of 8/24/20

1) Various bug fixes

Week of 8/17/2020

1) Improved user experience for various date/time types w/o timezones

  • This includes a new date/time picker and better display support for various date/time types without timezones.

2) Improved preview experience for HTTP resources.

  • We now allow users to enter parameter values when previewing list view requests.

3) More extensible bindings

  • This includes the ability to bind to outputs of child components as well as updated binding paths (e.g. and

4) Various bug fixes

Week of 8/10/2020

1) URL Parameters

  • You can now add URL Parameters to a Space, and bind to them from various components.

2) Current User

  • You can now bind to the logged-in user's email address. This enables interactions like a) automatically filtering a table based on the email address of the user viewing the table, and b) displaying the user's email address when they visit a Space.

3) Improved Time Field Support

  • Improved UX for viewing and updating Time fields.

4) Various bug fixes

Week of 8/3/2020

1) Link Component

  • You can now add a Link field/column to components like Tables, Detail, and Card List.
  • Links can be generated via a template using data from a Space.

2) Various bug fixes

Week of 7/27/2020

1) Various bug fixes

Week of 7/20/2020

1) Various bug fixes

Week of 7/13/2020

1) Table component:

  • You can now insert in-line images and calculated fields as new columns in your table.
  • In-line components in a table can now be placed in any column, rather than being in a fixed position.

2) HTTP Resource changes:

  • Improved UI and preview functionality
  • Added "Detail View" configuration so that HTTP resources can be bound to detail view component

3) Various bug fixes

Week of 7/6/2020

1) SSH Tunneling:

  • You can now SSH tunnel into MySQL, PostgreSQL and MongoDB data sources.

2) Various bug fixes