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From workflows and automations to custom internal apps, build all the internal tools you need to operate your business — on top of your databases and APIs.

360 user profile

A comprehensive user profile with actions to help customer support teams quickly update user accounts, initiate workflows, and solve customer issues.

Account suspension workflow

An automation to manage account suspensions. Add all the steps required by the business as well as your compliance team into a single, automated workflow.

Bill of materials tool

A fully customizable bill of materials (BOMs) to efficiently build what you need when you need it. Create unique BOMs to streamline workflows for your unique business.

Bulk importer

A custom app for bulk creating new records or updating existing records by uploading a CSV file. Bulk import into a database, Google Sheet, or use an API endpoint.
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CRUD tool

A simple tool for creating, reading, updating, and deleting records in a database. Apply granular permissions to control who can view and edit specific fields.
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Customer lookup

A powerful dashboard for managing customer accounts. View details, activity, and support tickets. Manage their account, troubleshoot customer issues, and initiate workflows.

Document viewer

A powerful tool to find, view, and manage documents that are essential to your operations. Make it easy for teams to access the documents they need to do their job.

Flagged transactions queue

A custom workflow to review flagged transactions. Create the exact process your compliance team needs by defining every state and transition.

Fulfillment workflow

A workflow tool that allows fulfilment teams to manage the fulfillment process from start to finish. Define actionable tasks and assign them to specific people or a team.

Inventory management

A powerful dashboard to manage product inventory. Track existing stock, what’s been committed to whom, and what's due to arrive. Create and update bundles, pricing, and more.

KYC approval workflow

A powerful workflow to streamline the KYC process. Get customers onboarded quickly by streamlining all KYC, AML, and more.

Lead qualification workflow

A custom workflow to manage inbound leads from your website or product. Hook into your CRM at any point or use this workflow as a lightweight CRM.

Onboarding automation

Automate your onboarding workflow when a new user signs up. Trigger a welcome email, create a record in your CRM, and make necessary updates in your database — without writing a single line of code.

Order manager

A custom app for managing orders from start to finish. Lookup orders, view order details, and make modifications. Confirm or cancel orders in bulk, add due dates and tags.

Promo code manager

A custom app to manage your company's promo codes. Look up existing codes, make edits, and add new ones. In addition, view which customers are using each promo code.
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Purchase order automation

An automation that checks stock levels and automatically creates purchase orders with specified vendors when conditions are met.

Real-time Alerts

An automation that runs every minute, hour, or day and alerts people when certain conditions are met.

Refund approval tool

A workflow tool for managing refund requests that exceed a certain amount or are otherwise exceptions.

Refund manager

A custom app that allows customer support teams to look up customer payments and initiate refund requests. Refunds can be executed on demand, or routed for approvals.


A custom app to view upcoming deliveries by driver and delivery window. View which deliveries are on schedule or off track and change delivery dates when needed.

Ticket escalation

Track high risk customer cases and automatically escalate issues by creating and assigning tasks to management.

Work order management

A custom workflow to organize and complete complex work orders. Define every step, provide instructions to complete each step, and track the progress of work orders in real time.

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