Build mission-critical back-office tools ultra fast.

Manage compliance workflows, document reviews, customer transactions and more with powerful internal tools built on top of your databases and APIs. Launch new tools in minutes to streamline your operations and save countless hours of development time.

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Build any internal tool required to power your business.

From workflows and automations to custom internal apps, build tools to operate your business efficiently, stay compliant, and deliver great customer experiences. Explore the possibilities and start building today.

Account suspension workflow

An automation to manage account suspensions. Add all the steps required by the business as well as your compliance team into a single, automated workflow.

Document viewer

A powerful tool to find, view, and manage documents that are essential to your operations. Make it easy for teams to access the documents they need to do their job.

Flagged transactions queue

A custom workflow to review flagged transactions. Create the exact process your compliance team needs by defining every state and transition.

KYC approval queue

A powerful workflow to streamline the KYC process. Get customers onboarded quickly by streamlining all KYC, AML, and more.

Promo code manager

A custom app to manage promo codes. Look up existing codes, make edits, and add new ones. In addition, view which customers are using each promo code.
Learn how to build a promo code tool

User profile

A comprehensive user profile to view user transactions, initiate refunds, and solve customer issues on the fly. Connect data from a variety of systems to create a 360 view.

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