Purchase Order Approval

In this tutorial, you will learn how to build a purchase order approval workflow that will help you create new purchase orders that will automatically enter a custom task system. This tutorial uses the following Queues Functions generated by Internal: Create Task, Update Task, and Transitions.



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How to build: 

Purchase Order Approval

Step 1

First, create a new Queue designed with your custom task system detailed with specific states, call-to-actions, and transitions.

Create a task form for users to fill out when they request purchase order approval by configuring data fields. For the Type of Purchase and Cost Center, select Dropdown as the component and write descriptions to make it easier for the end user to select a pre-approved value.

Step 2

Add a new state by clicking on + New State under the left-hand navigation menu. Change the assignee so that when a new purchase order is created, the task will be assigned to the Operations team. You can add roles by navigating to Roles and Permissions in the dashboard under the left panel. For each role that require access to Queues, you will need to grant permissions to the auto-generated functions used in your Queues.

A New Purchase Order task will have 2 call-to-action options: Need More Info and Approve. Approve will be the primary CTA and when a user clicks Approve, the task will move into the Approved state and the task will be updated. Anytime a CTA is clicked, you also have the option to execute a function with any of your connected data sources.

Step 3

Next, create a form for people to use to create a new purchase order that will automatically enter the approval flow.

Create a Space and add a Form component with the Queues function "Purchase Order Approval - Create Task". Configure the PO Number field to set a UUID as the value so that it pre-populates with every new purchase order. For the Type of Purchase and Cost Center, select Dropdown as the component and match the values to the respective data fields in your Queue.

Step 4

After creating your Queue and using your task system, take a look at Queues Analytics by clicking on the bar graph in the upper right hand corner of your Queue. 

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