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Go live in minutes with the internal tool every company needs: the admin console. Empower teams to access the data they need and resolve customer issues quickly.

User-friendly CRUD

Internal reads the shape of your data to instantly generate a super-charged CRUD tool that’s easy to use whether you’re technical or not.

Built-in access controls

From robust permissioning and audit logs to 2FA, Internal includes critical access control features you’ll never get around to building yourself.

Multiple data sources in one

Internal automatically works with multiple data sources. Connect all your data to create super views of your data, in a few simple clicks.

It takes less than 3 minutes to launch Internal for your company, and you’ll get a powerful admin console at your fingertips.


Whether it's a simple button to reset user passwords or a complex tool to audit data across multiple databases, create any custom tool with Internal.

Flexible for any workflow

Mix and match buttons, tables, forms and more to create custom tools that meet your business needs.

No-code customizations

Internal makes it easy for anyone to create custom internal tools. No SQL or Javascript knowledge required.

Hook into existing business logic

From GraphQL mutations and REST APIs to command-line scripts, instantly integrate existing business logic into your internal tools

With Internal, you can create any tool you need without writing any SQL or Javascript. It’s so easy, you don’t have to be a developer to do it.


As your company grows and your products evolve, your internal tools need constant upgrading. Fortunately, Internal scales with your business, without the engineering effort.

Automatic schema sync

Made some DB changes? Internal will read the new shape of your data and update itself automatically.

No-code updates

Empower non-technical teammates to update existing tools or create new ones as your product evolves.

Built to scale

An entire company focused on your internal tools mean they’re scalable from the start.

With Internal, you won’t get pulled in every time your internal tools need to be changed. That saves you a lot of time and headache.

Discover how teams use Internal.

From customer onboarding and customer service to data processing and on-demand operations, learn how Internal helps teams do their jobs better.

Explore solutions

Powerful tools connecting all your data.

Internal works with many types of data sources. Connect multiple data sources to create powerful Super Records and tools that work across multiple systems.

Cloud Firestore

Protecting your customer data.

There’s a dirty little secret in Silicon Valley that an alarming number of employees at tech companies have unrestricted access to private and personal data through the internal tools that companies build themselves to support customers.

Internal provides the access control features every internal tool needs, that you’ll never build yourself — because you’re busy focused on building customer-facing products. These features are also necessary for companies to meet core requirements of GDPR, HIPAA, and SOC 2.

Read more about this dirty little secret of Silicon Valley.

Roles and Permissions

Assign granular read/edit permissions at the field level and even set limits on where and when data can be accessed.

Audit Logs

Regularly review system activity in accordance with your security and compliance policies. See who viewed or edited specific data, and when.

Redacted Fields

Ensure extra sensitive fields are automatically redacted and made viewable upon click. All views are automatically tracked.

2-Step Verification

Add an extra layer of security every time your team logs in with 2-step verification and/or single sign-on.


How does Internal store my data?

Internal stores your database schema to structure your tool in a way that makes sense to your company. Today, we do not store any of your app’s data on our servers with the exception of change history for specific fields for which you enable edits.

Will this work for my company’s specific needs?

Every company has a unique business model and data structure. That’s why Internal is designed to understand your database schema and organize everything based on the data relationships unique to your company. We design robust tools to work with your data, addressing all the key ways customer-facing teams need to interact with it: drilling down into details for a specific record, finding related records, updating status fields, correcting errors via manual update, and completing off-line tasks based upon changes in the customer data.

Can I use Internal alongside existing tools?

Absolutely. Internal can be used alongside your existing tools. It can also be used by your entire company, or within a specific team (e.g. customer support).

How much does it cost to set up Internal?

Contact us for more information, or click here to start your 14-day free trial.

Is Internal a "god view" tool?

Many companies have come under scrutiny over the past few years for building internal tools referred to as "God View", that give employees too much access to large amounts of sensitive customer data. Internal replaces "God View" by providing the tools necessary for customer-facing teams to interact with app data and do their job, while controlling access and protecting customer privacy.

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We're empowering teams to quickly spin up great internal tools without code. We strive to create software that's easy to use and handles the hard work for you — so, whether you're technical or not, you can create the tools you need, fast, and get on with your day.

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