Streamline complex manufacturing processes in minutes.

From BOM management and inventory tracking to production workflows, Internal makes it easy to build custom software on top of your databases and APIs. Launch new tools for your business in minutes instead of months.

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Create internal tools that fit your manufacturing needs.

From workflows and automations to custom internal apps, build the tools you need to connect all the steps, parts, and people throughout your unique manufacturing process. Explore the possibilities and start building today.

Bill of materials

A fully customizable bill of materials (BOMs) to efficiently build what you need when you need it. Create unique BOMs to streamline workflows for your unique business.

Order fulfillment

A powerful workflow tool to manage your fulfillment process from start to finish. Customize every state and action to create the right workflow for your business.

Parts inventory

A custom app to manage and track your parts inventory. Add the data and actions that are most meaningful for your business using an easy drag-and-drop interface.

Purchase order automation

An automation that checks stock levels and automatically creates purchase orders with specified vendors when conditions are met.

Work order management

A custom workflow to organize and complete complex work orders. Define every step, provide instructions to complete each step, and track the progress of work orders in real time.

We needed these tools but didn’t have anyone to build them. Internal made things faster to get started and easier to set up.

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