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Empower teams to resolve customer issues quickly with powerful internal tools built on top of your databases and APIs. Launch new tools in minutes and save countless hours of development time.

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Take your customer service to the next level.

From workflows and automations to custom internal apps, build all the tools your team needs to keep customers happy. Explore the possibilities and start building today.

Customer lookup

A powerful dashboard to quickly look up customer accounts, open tickets, and related activity.

Promo code manager

A custom app to manage promo codes. Look up existing codes, make edits, and add new ones. In addition, view which customers are using each promo code.
Learn how to create a promo code tool

Refund manager

A custom app that allows customer support teams to look up customer payments and initiate refund requests. Refunds can be executed on demand or routed for approvals.

Refund approval workflow

A workflow tool for managing refund requests that exceed a certain amount or are otherwise exceptions. Requests can be automatically assigned to a specific person or role.

360 user profile

A comprehensive user profile with actions to help customer support teams quickly update user accounts, initiate workflows, and solve customer issues.

Automated escalations

Track high risk customer cases and automatically escalate issues by creating and assigning tasks to management.

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