Form Validation Rules, JS HTTP Function Support, Custom Date/Time Formatting, and More

New product updates for August 2022.

New feature update July - August 2022

As always, we’ve been hard at work developing more features to add more value to our users. July and August were big, with many new releases, and our roadmap contains even more great stuff on the way.

To that end, we’re proud to announce our newest batch of product features for July and August. Happy building!

Form validation rules

Getting the exact inputs you need has never been easier! Forms now support custom validation rules, which ensure that all rules for a specific input are met.

A screenshot of setting Form validation rules in the Internal app

From the configuration panel, click Validation Rules to create your own validation rule for a form field. If all an input component’s rules evaluate to true, the component is considered valid. If not, the specified validation message is shown below the field.

You can easily create validation rules by selecting an operator and specifying a value. Values can be hard-coded or they can come from other components. We also provide out-of-the-box options, including validating the values as phone numbers or email addresses

Granular control is extremely important, so if you’re a developer, you can also drop into JavaScript mode by clicking the JS button.

Note: For more detailed instruction on form validation rules, please see our custom input and form validation documentation.

JS toggle for HTTP functions

Using the JS toggle in Internal

When creating a function, users can now switch into Javascript mode when more control is required.  For example, this allows users to write expressions that evaluate to undefined which will omit URL parameters from requests.

Custom date/time formatting editor

Internal's custom ate and time editor

Any component that lists date and time information from a database or data source can now be configured to display the date and time in a custom format.

When selecting a field, a sub-menu allows for variations of date and time format. In this menu is also a setting for “custom” that allows users to type their own format as text, and preview it right at the bottom of the menu.

Note: More information about custom time formatting can be found in our Time and Date handling documentation.

Other updates:

Login and logout to auth providers

Internal now supports login and logout capabilities from both the auth provider page and the profile settings page. This will make it easier to log in and out from an auth provider.

Auto-favoriting Spaces on first save

Spaces are now favorited automatically the first time you save them! Clones of favorited spaces will also appear in the favorites tab. Please note that when a space is cloned, it is automatically saved as a draft so that users can make edits to it before publishing.

Toggle all/none Environment checkboxes in publish modal

When publishing a Space, users now have the option to select/deselect all Environments. Upon clicking the Publish button, all Environments are displayed as a list with checkboxes next to them. These can be manually selected, or selected or deselected all at once with one click.

Rename form input labels

A custom label for a form field in Internal

Form input fields can now be given custom labels. By default, labels are given the field name defined in the function, but users can specify a label that will override the default. When a value is entered in the label field, that value will be used as the label for the input. In this screenshot, the label has been set to read "My string."

Text component alignment choices

Text components can now be left, right, or center justified within the bounds of their component. This can be found in the Design tab of the text component menu.

Thank you

As always, a sincere thank you for using Internal. We hope you enjoy this latest batch of features. As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to support or check out our documentation for help building tools, or just getting started.

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