Duplicating Functions

Sometimes you'd like to take an existing function and make a copy of it to alter slightly (or more throughly) to create some new functionality for your Internal instance. This can be done quickly through the duplication buttons peppered throughout Internal.

The new, copied function will contain all of the same configuration as the duplicated function including – but not limited to – parameters, filters, sorting, function variables, data transformations, and metadata transformations.

Note: One can only duplicate custom functions (for now).

In the Function Editor

In the function editor, you can duplicate the current function by clicking the "paper" icon in the upper righthand section of the editor's header. This will open the duplicated function in a new editor window and append the word "Copy" to the existing function title. You can change this name at any time.

The duplication button is that which looks like two overlapping pieces of paper
The name change that is appended to the existing function name -- can be changed at any time

In the Data & Functions Side Navigation Bar

From the Data & Functions menu, after selecting a data source from the tabled list of existing data sources and selecting the "Functions" tab, you will note a button called "Duplicate" in the row next to the function name and "Updated At" field. Click this and a copy will be made of the function and the Function Editor will open with all of the copied data pre-populated and with the new "(Copy)" text appended to the function name.

The righthand navigation panel from Data & Functions > Functions Tab, its Functions table, their "Duplicate" buttons, and the text "(Copy") appended to the function name in the duplicated function.