The Text component allows you to display text in your Space. They can be displayed anywhere in your Space or in-line within other components (detail, card list, table).

Ways to use a Text component.

A Text field can be used to concatenate values to provide better labels and readability.

Configuring your Text component.

  1. First, give your component a name.
  2. If you are displaying this component inline within another component, then you will also need to provide a label.
  3. In the template section, you can enter your text and/or use variables to create dynamic content.


If you have a first_name and last_name field in this detail component, you can create a new Text component called full name. Simply insert variables for the first name and last name in the template, with a space in between: 

${} ${}

You'll now have a new Text field that will show the full name - so you can hide the separate first and last name fields.