Getting Started


The dashboard helps you organize, share, and quickly access all of your Spaces.

Your Spaces

Your Spaces are organized in several tabs:

  • Favorites: Any Space you ♡ shows up here. You can also sort your Spaces in any way you’d like. Simply drag and drop a Space within the Favorites tab to change the ordering. Don’t see the Favorites tab? Just ♡ a Space to get started.
  • Shared with you: This is where you’ll find all Spaces that are shared with you. 
  • All spaces: You’ll find all published Spaces here. This tab is only available to Admins. 
  • Drafts: Any Spaces that haven't been published show up here. This tab is only available to Admins and Space Editors.

You can also Search for any of your Spaces.

Space Details

Clicking on a Space reveals details about the Space as well as available actions. Double clicking opens the actual Space.

⚙ let’s you edit the Space name, add an icon, and adjust the icon color. (Admins and Space Editors only)

♡ adds the Space to your Favorites.

🔗 copies the Space URL for easy sharing

🗑 deletes the Space (Admins and Space Editors only)

Sharing and Function Permissions

From the Dashboard, you can manage sharing and permissions for each Space.

Share with Role

This setting determines if users that belong to the role see the Space on their dashboard.  

Function Permissions

Clicking on Function Permissions allows you to see all the Functions that are used in the Space and assign granular permissions to each role. 

  • Environment dropdown: By using this dropdown, you can switch to view a list of Functions used in the version of a Space published to a given environment.
  • Parameters and attributes: Grant permissions to all parameters and attributes of a function or partially give access. Note that if you grant partial permissions, you must grant permissions to all required fields.
  • Auto-grant all: By enabling Auto-grant all for a Function, a role will automatically have access to current and future parameters and attributes that are added to the function.

Example: you can give the Support role access to the Account Management tool with limited access (no ability to delete and limited ability to update records).


If you have access to multiple environments, you can switch between them using the dropdown on the top left. Your dashboard displays Spaces that are available in the selected environment.