JSON Viewer Component

The JSON Viewer component allows you to display the results returned by a function. You can use this component to:

1) Display embedded JSON fields within a particular table

2) Display the most recent result returned by a custom HTTP function

JSON Viewer Configuration

First, enter in a name for your JSON viewer - this will be displayed at the top of the component in your Space.

Then, select an available action from the dropdown:

1) If there are any tables within the Space, you will see an option to display a specific column of data in the table. This is particularly useful when you have an embedded JSON field in this table - by connecting that field to the JSON viewer component, clicking on a row in that table will display the embedded JSON within that field.

2) If there are any functions bound to a component within the Space, you will be able to select that function. If you have a custom HTTP function, any results that are returned by that function will be be displayed in the JSON Viewer (after you performed an action using the component).